About Me

Hello, fellow wildlife enthusiasts!

I’m Reece, your guide to the extraordinary world of American zoos. Like many of you, my fascination with animals began when I was a child, and it has grown into a lifelong passion. I’ve traveled coast to coast, from the rugged mountains of Washington to the sunny shores of Florida, exploring the incredible diversity of the animal kingdom that our nation’s zoos have to offer.

In this blog, I’m on a mission to help families, especially those with toddlers and individuals with disabilities, experience the joy and wonder of zoos. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to connect with nature and learn about our planet’s remarkable creatures, regardless of age or ability.

Here at Zoo Near Me, I share personal experiences and recommendations, highlighting the best zoos in each state. From spotting grizzly bears in Alaska to admiring flamingos in Florida, this blog will also guide you to where you can find some of the most popular and beloved animals.

Join me on this exciting journey! With a backpack full of snacks, a heart full of curiosity, and a spirit ready for adventure, let’s discover together what makes each state’s zoos unique and wonderful.