The Best Zoo In Minnesota, USA For Disability Access

Embarking on a zoological adventure can be an enriching experience for everyone.

For people with disabilities, such activities have the potential to become difficult if the facilities aren't suitable for their needs.

Thankfully, many zoos in Minnesota have risen to the occasion, ensuring that these nature-filled tours are accessible and exciting to all, regardless of their physical limitations.

In this article, we will explore the top zoos in the Land of 10,000 lakes that excel in providing exemplary disability access, guaranteeing all visitors can enjoy the beauty of wildlife in a comfortable and accommodating atmosphere.

The Best Zoo In Minnesota, USA For Disability Access

At A Glance

These are the best zoos in Minnesota for Disability Access:

  • Minnesota Zoo
  • Hemker Park and Zoo
  • Como Park
  • Lake Superior Zoo

1) Minnesota Zoo

Minnesota Zoo

About Minnesota Zoo

The Minnesota Zoo, located in Apple Valley, is renowned for its commitment to providing accessibility for all its visitors.

The zoo encompasses an immense 485 acres, housing an impressive array of over 4,500 animals and 505 unique species, from vibrant penguins to majestic tigers.

While the expansive trails may present some challenges for wheelchair users, the overall access for visitors with disabilities at this location is certainly favorable.

The zoo doesn’t only allow, but welcomes service animals and goes the extra mile to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone.

Aside from interpretable immersion into the world of wildlife, the Minnesota Zoo prides itself in being a fantastic destination for a family day out and is particularly popular among families with older children.

Both in terms of educational value and entertainment, the zoo doesn’t cut corners.

The remarkable events such as dolphin shows, llama treks, and conservation programs mean there’s always something new to learn and explore.

Visitors may not be able to hold the animals, but the eye-opening proximity to these diverse creatures more than makes up for it.

Taking all this into account, allied to the affordable ticket prices and the provisions for bringing your own food, it’s clear that the Minnesota Zoo leads the pack for disability access within the state’s zoological garden offerings.

More About Minnesota Zoo

Size (acres) 485
Time To Walk Around 3-4 Hours
Adult Price $19.95
Child Price $13.95
Infant Price Free Under 2 Years Old
Price For Family Of 4 $67.8
Parking $7
Number Of Animals 4,500 animals and 505 species
Can Bring Your Own Food? Yes

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2) Hemker Park and Zoo

Hemker Park and Zoo

About Hemker Park and Zoo

Located in Freeport, Minnesota, Hemker Park and Zoo is a haven for both animal lovers and families, standing out as one of the best zoos in the state for disability access.

Renowned for its rich assortment of over 200 different animals, including fascinating species such as giraffes, penguins, zebras, rhinos and monkeys, the venue is more than just an ordinary zoo.

Its promise of accessibility shines through with carefully designed trails that are suitable for wheelchairs.

This thoughtful incorporation promotes ease of movement throughout the space, making it possible for everyone to enjoy the riveting zoological experience without any hindrance.

The zoo’s dedication to accessibility is matched only by its unwavering commitment to conservation - a commendable blend that forms its unique character.

Evidently structured with the needs of all visitors at heart, Hemker Park and Zoo offers a range of attractions that can be comprehensively explored within 2 to 3 hours.

It welcomes families with older children and toddlers, and provides free entry for children under the age of 2.

With adult, child and concession ticket prices at $20.25, $18.25, and $19.25 respectively, an average family of four can enjoy everything the zoo has to offer for a total cost of $95.25.

While personal pets are not permitted, the venue accommodates service animals, legally allowing them to enter the premises.

It also offers parking facilities free of charge, a crucial convenience, especially for patrons with disabilities.

Food stalls are readily available, and the zoo also permits visitors to bring their own food and drinks, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a full day of fun, exploration, and learning.

More About Hemker Park and Zoo

Time To Walk Around 2-3 Hours
Adult Price $20.25
Child Price $18.25
Infant Price Free Under 2 Years Old
Price For Family Of 4 $95.25
Parking Free
Number Of Animals Over 200 animals
Can Bring Your Own Food? Yes

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3) Como Park

Como Park

About Como Park

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory, located in the heart of St Paul, Minnesota, has carved a niche for itself as one of the more disability-friendly zoos in the state.

As its 14.5 acres of land is designed with walkways suitable for wheelchairs, families with members having mobility impairments can enjoy the zoo experience without any barriers.

The pavement paths ensure that, irrespective of wheelchairs or strollers, all visitors can comfortably and safely move around to fully admire the wonders of the magnificent animals, such as the giraffes, sloths, tigers, penguins, and lions that call this zoo home.

Other than fostering an inclusive environment, Como Park is also celebrated for its unique pricing policy.

Instead of a fixed entry fee, visitors are encouraged to give a voluntary donation – $4 for adults and $2 for kids.

This amiable approach makes the zoo financially accessible, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their financial situation, can make precious memories with their families, including toddlers and older children.

Although public transport links to the zoo are lacking and the parking requires a fee, families are most welcome to bring their food and drinks.

However, no pets, other than service animals, are allowed to maintain a peaceful environment for the residents of this family-friendly attraction.

More About Como Park

Size (acres) 14.5
Time To Walk Around 2 Hours
Adult Price $4 (voluntary donation)
Child Price $2 (voluntary donation)
Infant Price Free Under 2 Years Old
Price For Family Of 4 $12 (voluntary donation)
Parking Paid
Can Bring Your Own Food? Yes

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4) Lake Superior Zoo

Lake Superior Zoo

About Lake Superior Zoo

As one of the leading zoos in Minnesota, Lake Superior Zoo in Duluth is stunningly famous for its unique display of over 200 animals including tigers, bears, kangaroos, barnyard animals, prairie dogs, and lemurs across a vast land covering 19 acres.

But what makes it stand out is the zoo’s commendable attention to disability access.

The zoo is designed in such a way that all of its captivating attractions are accessible within approximately 2 hours, and, incredibly, all pathways are disability-friendly, fully suitable for wheelchairs.

It is this remarkable accessibility that makes Lake Superior Zoo a chosen destination for families, especially those with older children and persons with disabilities.

In addition to the broad variety of animal species on show, the zoo also offers unique behind-the-scenes experiences, emphasizing the element of family fun.

With admission tickets priced reasonably at $16 for adults, $10 for children, and free entry for children under 2 years, a family of four can have an unforgettable zoo adventure for just $52.

However, it’s important to note that although pets are not allowed into the zoo, service animals can accompany their handlers.

In addition to these, there are food stalls available and if desired, families are welcome to bring in their own food and drinks, making the visit even more convenient and enjoyable.

The free parking available is a bonus to all visitors, overcoming the zoo’s inaccessibility by public transport.

More About Lake Superior Zoo

Size (acres) 19
Time To Walk Around 2 Hours
Adult Price $16
Child Price $10
Infant Price Free Under 2 Years Old
Price For Family Of 4 $52
Parking Free
Number Of Animals Over 200 animals
Can Bring Your Own Food? Yes

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In conclusion, the commitment of Minnesota’s zoos to Disability Access creates a welcoming environment for everyone, regardless of their ability.

From the Minnesota Zoo’s free wheelchair rentals to Como Park Zoo and Conservatory’s sensory-friendly initiatives, these zoos ensure a memorable and inclusive visit for all.

Their violation-free ADA compliance and dedication to accessibility should serve as a model for many others.

Explore these zoos in Minnesota for a barrier-free experience that truly connects you with nature’s wonder!

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