A Complete Guide To The Best Zoos In Missouri, USA

Missouri, the 'Show Me' state, is brimming with experiences waiting to be discovered.

This gateway to the west holds not just history and natural wonders, but also some of the country's most impressive zoos.

From the globally recognized St.

Louis Zoo residing amidst the verdant expanse of Forest Park to the sprawling Kansas City Zoo, Missouri is home to a diverse array of wildlife habitats.

As we embark on a safari through the heartland of the US, let's take a closer look at the best zoos in Missouri, that are both uniquely entertaining and educational, which are serving as safe havens for wildlife and enchanting visitors of all ages, one enchanting animal encounter at a time.

A Complete Guide To The Best Zoos In Missouri, USA

1) STL Zoo



About STL Zoo

STL Zoo, located in St. Louis, Missouri, is a true treasure for wildlife lovers and families alike, boasting a remarkable roster of over 16,000 animals spanning a wide array of species such as majestic tigers, towering giraffes, playful capybaras, and mighty lions - just to name a few.

One of the unique selling points of STL Zoo is that it offers free entry, making it an affordable day out for everyone irrespective of the size of the family.

It is sprawled across 90 lush acres and takes visitors approximately two to three hours on average to see all the mind-blowing attractions it houses.

However, the exploration is entirely worthwhile as the destination guarantees a wealth of family fun, exciting events, hands-on animal experiences and an irreplaceable education about the conservation of wildlife.

STL Zoo has been highly acclaimed not just for its educational experiences but also for its special consideration towards ensuring disability access within its precincts.

It features walkways that are perfectly suitable for wheelchairs and is a hit among families of all configurations, be it those with older children or those with toddlers.

Though the zoo doesn’t have public transport access, it makes up for this with available parking, priced at just $15 per car.

You can also find food stalls within the zoo, however, those who would prefer a more personalized meal are welcome to bring their own food and drinks.

Do note that the zoo maintains a strict policy of not allowing pets except for service animals.

For further details or any clarifications, do not hesitate to reach out to STL Zoo and plan your memorable day with wildlife!

More About STL Zoo

Size (acres) 90
Time To Walk Around 2-3 Hours
Adult Price $free
Child Price $free
Infant Price Free Under free Years Old
Price For Family Of 4 $free
Parking $15
Number Of Animals 16,000 Animals
Can Bring Your Own Food? Yes

Information from https://stlzoo.org/

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2) Dickerson Park Zoo

Dickerson Park Zoo


About Dickerson Park Zoo

Nestled in Springfield, Missouri, USA, the captivating Dickerson Park Zoo sprawls across a lush, 70-acre landscape.

A home to more than 450 animals, visitors have the thrilling opportunity to witness tigers, lions, giraffes, and elephants up close.

A true adventure for animal enthusiasts, a trip to this zoo doubles as an education in protection and conservation of these beautiful creatures.

The park is perfect for a family day out, and features a variety of offerings that cater to all animal lovers.

It’s an ideal destination for families with toddlers or older children, and disability-friendly walkways make it accessible to everyone.

Even your furry, four-legged family members are welcome!

When planning a visit to Dickerson Park Zoo, expect to set aside roughly 2 to 3 hours in order to fully explore and appreciate all the attractions.

Adult tickets are priced at $17 while children’s tickets come in at $12.

The zoo offers concession tickets at $14, and in a generous move, allows children under the age of 2 free entry.

This means that an average family of 4 would only need to spend $58 for a full, memorable day at the zoo.

While public transport to the zoo might not be available, they provide ample parking spots free of charge for all visitors.

The zoo also prohibit visitors from bringing in outside food and drinks, but numerous food stalls are scattered throughout for you to enjoy a range of delicious snacks and meals.

However, keep in mind that while you can see and admire the animals, as there are currently no experiences available to get up close and personal!

More About Dickerson Park Zoo

Size (acres) 70
Time To Walk Around 2-3 Hours
Adult Price $17
Child Price $12
Infant Price Free Under 2 Years Old
Price For Family Of 4 $58
Parking Free
Number Of Animals Over 450 animals
Can Bring Your Own Food? No

Information from https://dickersonparkzoo.org/

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3) Kansas City Zoo

Kansas City Zoo


About Kansas City Zoo

Located in the heart of Missouri, USA, the Kansas City Zoo is a must-visit spot for wildlife enthusiasts.

Not only is it a large zoo spanning across 202 acres, but it’s also home to over 1,700 animals.

The highlights include tigers, giraffes, capybaras, elephants, sloths, penguins and lions, among others.

It takes about 2-3 hours on average to explore this vast park, making it a perfect getaway for a family trip.

The zoo’s layout has been thoughtfully designed with disability access in mind; the walkways are suitable for wheelchairs, ensuring everyone can enjoy the fascinating exhibits.

In terms of the cost, Kansas City Zoo is quite affordable for its size.

Adult tickets are priced at $22, children tickets for $20, and concessional tickets for $20.

An average family of 4 can expect to spend around $84 when visiting this fantastic zoo.

Plus, children under the age of 2 are allowed free entry.

While public transportation directly to the zoo isn’t available, ample free parking is provided for visitors who drive.

Food options are plentiful with various food stalls throughout the zoo, and if you prefer, you are allowed to bring your own food and drinks.

However, it’s important to note that bringing pet dogs (excluding service animals) are not permitted.

More About Kansas City Zoo

Size (acres) 202
Time To Walk Around 2-3 Hours
Adult Price $22
Child Price $20
Infant Price Free Under 2 Years Old
Price For Family Of 4 $84
Parking Free
Number Of Animals More than 1,700 animals
Can Bring Your Own Food? Yes

Information from https://kansascityzoo.org/

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4) Endangered Wolf Center

Endangered Wolf Center


About Endangered Wolf Center

Located in the heart of Eureka, Missouri is the Endangered Wolf Center, a wildlife haven spanning over a vast area of 2000 acres.

This large zoo, known primarily for its wolf rescue and conservation efforts, is home to an array of wolves and foxes.

Created to prioritize endangered species and their habitats, this Center is extraordinary in its mission.

Unfortunately, the zoo is not accessible by public transport.

However, they have provisions for parking with no added cost, ensuring you can drive down conveniently.

One important note is that while service animals are welcome, pet dogs are not permitted in the center.

The Endangered Wolf Center is most suitable for families with older children and has facilities for those with disabilities, although some trails may not be wheelchair-friendly.

If you wish to pay a visit, you should set aside around 90 minutes for a comprehensive tour.

The cost of an adult ticket is modestly priced at $18, while children are admitted for $15.

Families get an even better deal, with an average family of four only costing $66 in total.

Plus, children under the age of three enter absolutely free! Although there are no food stalls on the premises, visitors are allowed to bring their own refreshments, making the trip both affordable and enjoyable.

Please note that in order to maintain the health and safety of these endangered creatures, visitors are not allowed to hold any animals.

For further details, the zoo encourages potential visitors to reach out directly.

More About Endangered Wolf Center

Size (acres) 2000
Time To Walk Around Tours last around 90 mins Hours
Adult Price $18
Child Price $15
Infant Price Free Under 3 Years Old
Price For Family Of 4 $66
Parking Free
Can Bring Your Own Food? Yes

Information from https://www.endangeredwolfcenter.org/

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5) Grant’s Farm

Grant's Farm


About Grant’s Farm

Located in the heart of Missouri, lies a fascinating gem that truly deserves a visit - Grant’s Farm in St.


Occupying a sprawling 280 acres, this family-friendly destination is wheelchair-accessible, making it a convenient choice for those with disabilities.

Dwelling within this generous acreage is a captivating array of wildlife such as deer and goats.

Grant’s Farm also offers varied engaging experiences for visitors of all ages – from the older kids to the toddlers.

It typically takes visitors about 2-3 hours to explore all the enchanting attractions this place offers.

One of the outstanding virtues of Grant’s Farm is the free admission.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Entry tickets for adults, children, and groups are absolutely free! Families, in particular, will find it economical since a trip to Grant’s Farm won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

However, the lack of public transport access means you might have to drive there.

Worry not, as there is ample parking available at $16 per car.

There are food stalls aplenty within the zoo, so refuelling after the walk around won’t be a problem - although do keep in mind that you can’t bring your own food and drinks.

Also worth noting is that while pets aren’t permitted, service animals are indeed welcome.

Wrapped up in affordability and accessibility, Grant’s Farm offers a delightful day out for everyone.

More About Grant’s Farm

Size (acres) 280
Time To Walk Around 2-3 Hours
Adult Price $free
Child Price $free
Infant Price Free Under free Years Old
Price For Family Of 4 $free
Parking $16
Can Bring Your Own Food? No

Information from https://grantsfarm.com/

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