Which Is Best: Binder Park Zoo Or Roscommon Zoo. A Guide To Which Is The Best Zoo In Michigan, USA

Discover the distinct characteristics and unique wildlife of Michigan's Binder Park Zoo and Roscommon Zoo.

Explore the immersive experiences and exciting animal encounters these zoos offer, from Binder Park's expansive 433 acres featuring lions, giraffes, and unique conservation efforts, to the quaint and charming Roscommon Zoo, with its independent charm and variety of kangaroos, tigers, and Llamas.

Take note of each zoo's accessibility options, ticket prices, and amenities to find the perfect day-out for families with children of different ages, including considerations for disability accessibility.

Get an insider's look at all the exciting opportunities these two zoos have to offer and see which one best aligns with your prefered zoo-day experience.

Which Is Best: Binder Park Zoo Or Roscommon Zoo. A Guide To Which Is The Best Zoo In Michigan, USA

At A Glance

At Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek, Michigan, you can expect a journey that connects you to fascinating wildlife such as giraffes, sloths, bears, and lions.

With its mission to inspire conservation, the zoo provides an unforgettable experience ideally suited for families, especially those with older children.

The zoo, encompassing 433 acres, requires between 3 to 5 hours for a full visit.

Although less accessible by public transport, the zoo doesly provide parking and disability access with rentable equipment.

A family of four can expect to spend around $65 for a visit, and food stalls are available for refreshments during the full day out.

On the other hand, Roscommon Zoo prioritizes smaller but no less engaging experiences.

Home to tigers, llamas, and kangaroos, this 20-acre independent zoo in Roscommon, Michigan is an ideal afternoon out destination suitable for families with toddlers and older children.

Its smaller scale ensures a visit duration of only about 1.5 hours.

While public transport is not accessible, parking is available, and guests can bring their own food and drinks.

For families of four, an enjoyable day can be experienced for about $54.

The paths are primarily made of grass and gravel, which may pose challenges for wheelchair accessibility.


Binder Park Zoo and Roscommon Zoo, both located in Michigan, vary significantly in their sizes.

Covering an expansive area of 433 acres, Binder Park Zoo provides a full day out, with guests typically spending between 3 to 5 hours exploring its many attractions.

Plentiful space allows the zoo to house a wide variety of large animals such as giraffes, bears, and lions.

In contrast, Roscommon Zoo is a small, independently run venture that covers only 20 acres.

Owing to its compact size, visitors can get around all the attractions within approximately 1.5 hours, making it a perfect choice for an afternoon out.

Despite its smaller size, Roscommon Zoo still manages to house several notable animals such as tigers, llamas, and kangaroos.

More About Binder Park Zoo

About Binder Park Zoo

Size (acres) 433
Time To Walk Around 3-5 Hours
Adult Price $16.75
Child Price $15.75
Infant Price Free Under 2 Years Old
Price For Family Of 4 $65
Parking Free
Can Bring Your Own Food? No

Information from https://binderparkzoo.org/


When comparing the ticket prices of Binder Park Zoo and Roscommon Zoo, both located in Michigan, there are slight differences to note.

An adult ticket at Binder Park Zoo is priced at $16.75, a slightly steeper fee than Roscommon Zoo’s adult ticket price of $15.

The cost for a child, aged 2 and above, is $15.75 at Binder Park Zoo, while Roscommon Zoo charges $12 for a child’s admission.

Both zoos offer free entry for children under 2.

There is parity on the concession tickets at each zoo, which stands at $15.75 at Binder Park and $12 at Roscommon.

The total cost for an average visit to the zoo for a family of 4 would come to $65 at Binder Park Zoo and four dollars less at Roscommon Zoo, where the total would be $54.

The cost of an average family of 4 at Binder Park Zoo is $65 compared to 54 at Roscommon Zoo.

Binder Park Zoo and Roscommon Zoo, both located in Michigan, offer an extensive range of animals that cater to a wide audience.

Binder Park Zoo houses a notable variety of creatures such as giraffes, sloths, bears, and lions.

Although it does not specify the total number of species on display, the zoo’s expansive 433 acres and average visitor duration of 3-5 hours suggest a significant wildlife collection.

Comparatively, Roscommon Zoo, while only covering 20 acres, boasts tigers, llamas, and kangaroos among its 120 animals.

Its smaller size and gentler pace, with an average visit time of 1.5 hours, make it particularly suited for families with toddlers.

Despite their differences, neither zoo allows visitors to hold animals or bring in pet dogs unless they are service animals.

This comparison highlights the zoos’ shared commitment to safety and respect for the animals, while offering different experiences in terms of variety and scale of species. <div class=”overview” markdown=”1”id=”wyntk-roscommon-zoo”>

More About Roscommon Zoo

About Roscommon Zoo

Size (acres) 20
Time To Walk Around 1.5 Hours
Adult Price $15
Child Price $12
Infant Price Free Under 2 Years Old
Price For Family Of 4 $54
Parking Free
Number Of Animals 120
Can Bring Your Own Food? Yes

Information from https://www.roscommonzoo.com/



Although both Binder Park Zoo and Roscommon Zoo promote accessibility for disabled visitors, the degree to which they are accessible differs considerably.

Binder Park Zoo showcases a higher level of facilitation for disabled individuals, as it goes a step further by offering the option of renting equipment to assist with mobility.

This provision, paired with its likely well-paved paths, enables visitors who might have difficulty walking or are in wheelchairs, a more comfortable and enjoyable visit.

On the contrary, Roscommon Zoo, though also touting disability access, presents some challenges in this regard.

The pathways throughout the zoo are composed of grass and gravel, which can potentially make navigation difficult for individuals in wheelchairs or those with mobility issues.

Thus, while both zoos are striving to accommodate disabled visitors, Binder Park Zoo appears to provide a more accessible experience.

Pefect For

Both Binder Park Zoo and Roscommon Zoo offer unique experiences for different types of visitors.

Binder Park Zoo, spread over 433 acres, is perfect for families seeking a full day’s adventure filled with interaction with a wide array of animals like giraffes, sloths, bears and lions.

However, its size may be overwhelming for families with very young members.

Roscommon Zoo, on the other hand, prides itself on being a smaller, more intimate experience that fits neatly into an afternoon.

Covering 20 acres with tigers, llamas, and kangaroos among their attractions, they are particularly suited for families with toddlers, providing a manageable yet exciting experience for little ones.

However, it should be noted that while both zoos have disability access, Binder Park provides rentable equipment to facilitate mobility, while Roscommon Zoo has grass and gravel paths that could prove challenging for wheelchairs.

Ultimately, both zoos have their own charms and are best suited to visitors seeking specific experiences - a full day’s adventure or an afternoon outing.


In conclusion, both Binder Park Zoo and Roscommon Zoo, located in Michigan, USA, offer unique experiences for families and animal enthusiasts alike.

Binder Park Zoo’s vast size, covering 433 acres, provides a diverse set of attractions for guests to enjoy, making it an ideal choice for a full day out.

Although tickets are slightly more expensive, the zoo provides a broad range of animals to view including giraffes, sloths, bears, and lions.

The zoo also makes strong efforts to ensure accessibility, making it a good choice for families with older children and individuals with disabilities.

On the other hand, Roscommon Zoo, whilst smaller in size, maintains a more intimate, independent feel.

An afternoon visit would allow a family to comfortably see llamas, kangaroos, and the zoo’s notable tigers.

Plus, a lower ticket price makes it a more affordable choice.

Although the grounds may be challenging to navigate for those with mobility issues, the zoo is friendly for families with toddlers.

In the end, both zoos prioritize accessibility, offer free parking, and are home to a remarkable range of animals, but vary in size and the experiences they offer.

Choosing between the two would ultimately depend on your family’s needs, budget, and preference for the scale of adventure.

Regardless of the choice, a memorable day out awaits at both Binder Park Zoo and Roscommon Zoo.

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