Which Is Best: Potter Park Zoo Or Roscommon Zoo. A Guide To Which Is The Best Zoo In Michigan, USA

Embark on a journey through the animal kingdom as we delve into a comprehensive comparison of Michigan's renowned Potter Park Zoo and charmingly unique Roscommon Zoo.

From mighty tigers and regal lions of Potter Park to the fun-loving llamas and kangaroos of Roscommon, we will explore notable wildlife, accessibility, family entertainment value, and overall visitor experience at these two remarkable zoological venues.

This compelling narrative promises to cater to every zoo-goer's curiosity, whether you're planning an enriching full day out in Lansing or an enjoyable afternoon in Roscommon.

Which Is Best: Potter Park Zoo Or Roscommon Zoo. A Guide To Which Is The Best Zoo In Michigan, USA

At A Glance

Potter Park Zoo and Roscommon Zoo are two prominent zoos located in the state of Michigan.

Both zoos have special treats for animal lovers with a diverse selection of animals, including tigers.

What sets Potter Park Zoo apart is that it is rich in animal diversity, with the attractions of penguins and lions, and is known for its significant role in conservation and education.

This zoo is large, spread over 102 acres, and offers a full day out.

It is particularly suitable for families with older children and provides excellent facilities for people with disabilities, offering rentable equipment.

On the downside, parking at Potter Park Zoo comes at a fee.

On the other hand, Roscommon Zoo, though smaller in size, offers visitors the unique chance to see llamas and kangaroos up close.

Spread over just 20 acres, it is an independent zoo known for being toddler-friendly with an experience that can be enjoyed in an afternoon.

One of the not-so-convenient aspects of Roscommon Zoo is that its paths, made of grass and gravel, can pose difficulties for wheelchair users.

The upside, however, is that parking at Roscommon Zoo is completely free.

Both zoos allow self-brought food and drink, do not allow pets, except for legally recognized service animals, and lack access to public transport.

Comparing the admission costs, Potter Park Zoo seems slightly more affordable for an average family of four than Roscommon Zoo.

Overall, both zoos have their unique features and experiences to offer depending on what visitors seek in a zoo experience.


Potter Park Zoo and Roscommon Zoo, both located in the beautiful state of Michigan, offer unique and exciting experiences.

However, they vary significantly in size.

Potter Park Zoo stretches over an expansive 102 acres, hosting a variety of animal species like tigers, penguins, and lions.

Visitors could easily spend 2-3 hours exploring the various exhibits and attractions.

On the other hand, Roscommon Zoo, with notable animals including tigers, Llamas, and kangaroos, is comparatively smaller, covering only 20 acres.

Visitors to this smaller, independent zoo can comfortably see all its attractions in around 1.5 hours.

The compact size of Roscommon Zoo might particularly suit families with toddlers or older individuals who might find larger zoos overwhelming.

Despite the disparity in their sizes, both provide memorable experiences for animal-loving visitors.

More About Potter Park Zoo

About Potter Park Zoo

Size (acres) 102
Time To Walk Around 2-3 Hours
Adult Price $8-15
Child Price $5
Infant Price Free Under 3 Years Old
Price For Family Of 4 $40
Parking $3-5
Can Bring Your Own Food? Yes

Information from https://potterparkzoo.org/


In a side-by-side comparison of the admission fees between Potter Park Zoo and Roscommon Zoo in Michigan, you’ll see several differences.

A visit to Potter Park Zoo can cost an adult between $8-15, whereas Roscommon Zoo’s ticket price is set higher at $15 for adults.

For the younger visitors, Potter Park Zoo charges $5 for children, which is notably less than what Roscommon Zoo asks for, setting a price of $12 for a child’s ticket.

If we take into account concession tickets, Potter Park pricing ranges from $6-13, in comparison with Roscommon Zoo’s concession fee of $12.

Both zoos offer free entry for very young children, but Potter Park Zoo extends this to children under 3, while Roscommon Zoo limits it to those under 2.

An average family of four can expect to spend $40 at Potter Park Zoo, while the same family would spend a bit more at Roscommon Zoo, with a total of $54.

The cost of an average family of 4 at Potter Park Zoo is $40 compared to 54 at Roscommon Zoo.

In comparison, both Potter Park Zoo and Roscommon Zoo are home to a diverse array of animal species, making them attractive destinations for those who seek interaction with wildlife.

Notably, each zoo houses majestic tigers, a shared spectacle that might tantalize visitors.

Declining in the wild, these animals emphasize the importance of zoos in conservation efforts.

Beyond this shared attraction, there is a distinct variance in the rest of the fauna.

The Potter Park zoo captivates its guests with a range of other large carnivores like lions and an Antarctic charm in the form of penguins.

Roscommon Zoo, on the other hand, offers diversity with the likes of sociable llamas and impressively agile kangaroos.

The unique combinations of animals at these zoos cater to diverse preferences, ensuring an engaging experience for every visitor. <div class=”overview” markdown=”1”id=”wyntk-roscommon-zoo”>

More About Roscommon Zoo

About Roscommon Zoo

Size (acres) 20
Time To Walk Around 1.5 Hours
Adult Price $15
Child Price $12
Infant Price Free Under 2 Years Old
Price For Family Of 4 $54
Parking Free
Number Of Animals 120
Can Bring Your Own Food? Yes

Information from https://www.roscommonzoo.com/



When considering accessibility for those in wheelchairs or experiencing difficulty walking, Potter Park Zoo and Roscommon Zoo present quite different scenarios.

Located in Lansing, Michigan, Potter Park Zoo underscores disability access in their facilities.

It’s not just accessible in general terms, but they also offer rentable equipment to assist those who may need it, suggesting a high level of thought and care for visitors who require mobility aid.

In contrast, Roscommon Zoo – although also located in Michigan – is notably less accommodating for wheelchair users.

Their pathways are made from grass and gravel which can be challenging to navigate for those in wheelchairs or with walking difficulties.

Therefore, while both zoos strive to be inclusive, Potter Park Zoo appears to offer a more user-friendly environment for those with additional mobility requirements.

Pefect For

While both the Potter Park Zoo and Roscommon Zoo offer great experiences and are both located in Michigan, they each cater towards slightly different types of trips.

Potter Park Zoo, with its focus on conservation and education, is a destination for a full day outing.

Covering a massive 102 acres and providing disability access with rentable equipment, it is ideal for families with older children who can engage with and appreciate the variety of animals such as tigers, penguins and lions.

On the other hand, Roscommon Zoo is a smaller, independent zoo that is suitable for an afternoon adventure.

With a nice blend of exotic and familiar animals like tigers, llamas and kangaroos, the zoo provides an intimate experience for families with toddlers.

However, it’s noteworthy to mention that its disability access might pose some challenges as the paths are grass and gravel.

Thus, while both zoos cater to families, Potter Park Zoo seems more accommodating for a lengthy, educational visit while Roscommon Zoo is better for a shorter, toddler-friendly trip.


In conclusion, both Potter Park Zoo and Roscommon Zoo provide excellent opportunities for family outings, awareness of wildlife, and a fun-filled day.

However, each offers unique features.

Potter Park Zoo focuses primarily on conservation and education, spread over an expansive 102 acres.

It’s perfect for a full-day family outing, especially families with older children, with an average cost of $40 for a family of four.

It offers disability access by renting necessary equipment.

Roscommon Zoo, on the other hand, is a smaller, independent zoo offering an intimate exposure to animals like Llamas and Kangaroos.

Covering 20 acres, it’s ideal for an afternoon out with toddlers and older children, with a family ticket averaging at $54.

Despite its smaller size, it houses an impressive 120 animals, though may pose access difficulties for wheelchair-bound guests.

Both zoos prohibit the holding of animals and the entry of pet dogs.

However, service animals are accepted.

So, depending on your family’s interests, spending capacity, accessibility needs, and the amount of time available, you can choose to visit either Potter Park Zoo or Roscommon Zoo for a memorable day with wildlife.

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