The Best Zoos In Mississippi, USA To See Tigers

Embark on an inspiring journey through the wild heart of Mississippi as we spotlight the state's marvels of wildlife conservation, focusing specifically on the majestic tigers.

Encompassing power, beauty, and grace, these stunning creatures have drawn visitors from all walks of life, enriching our understanding and evoking admiration for their raw, captivating allure.

This blog post will guide you to the best zoos within the Magnolia State, where the thrilling experience of seeing these magnificent tigers comes alive, educating and entertaining all who dare to immerse themselves in the mesmerizing, exotic world of big cats!

The Best Zoos In Mississippi, USA To See Tigers

At A Glance

The best zoos in Mississippi to see Tigers are:

  • The Jackson Zoo

1) The Jackson Zoo

Located in the heart of the state capital, The Jackson Zoo, is one of Mississippi’s true gems.

Covering an impressive 110 acres, the medium-sized park is home to an array of wonderful creatures.

From majestic tigers and towering giraffes to playful monkeys and elusive lemurs, everyone has a favorite resident.

An educational haven, the zoo plays an important role in promoting animal conservation, teaching visitors of all ages about the importance of protecting wildlife.

As one of the most accessible zoos in the state, there are well-maintained walkways suitable for wheelchairs, making it a must-visit attraction for everyone.

The zoo is an ideal outing for families, whether they’re wrangling toddlers or looking for something to keep older children entertained.

Despite the size of the zoo, visitors will find they can leisurely explore all attractions within 2-3 hours.

At $13 for an adult ticket and $10 for children above the age of 2, a family of four can enjoy a full day of fun for just $46.

Those under 2 enter free, making this zoo budget-friendly for larger families.

While the zoo is not accessible by public transport, and there’s a small fee for parking, inside, you’ll find a variety of food stalls offering tasty treats to keep energy levels high during your visit, as bringing your own food and drink is not permitted.

While pets aren’t allowed, service animals are more than welcome.

Despite its size and variety, The Jackson Zoo ensures an intimate, inclusive and educational experience for all.

Find Out More About The Jackson Zoo

  • 2918 W Capitol St, Jackson, MS 39209, United States
  • 601-952-8776

Other Zoos To Enjoy Without Tigers

There are so many other great zoos to enjoy in Mississippi.

If you want to try another zoo that doesn’t have Tigers, then one of these might be right for you.

Hattiesburg Zoo

The quaint yet captivating Hattiesburg Zoo, located in Mississippi, USA, may not strike many as a world-class spot to view Tigers, however, that’s precisely what makes it such a fascinating place.

Despite its modest 12-acre stretch, the zoo is home to an assortment of enchanting creatures ranging from giraffes to capybaras, and most notably, Tigers.

Although it is a small zoo, it harbors a rich breadth of attractions and events, one of the most popular being the immersive giraffe feeding experience.

Approximate time taken to view all the exhibits is an economical one and a half hours, and with adult tickets priced at just $10, it offers an affordable yet incredible opportunity for big cat enthusiasts to witness the majesty of tigers.

Hattiesburg Zoo is particularly special in its catering for the different needs of its visitors.

This not only makes it one of the best zoos in Mississippi to observe Tigers but also a fantastic choice for an enriching family day out.

For those with mobility impairments, the zoo features walkways that are wheelchair-friendly ensuring easy access to all its attractions and exhibits.

It appeals just as well to families with older children and toddlers, considering children under the age of 2 enjoy free entry.

All this paired with the convenience of free parking available on-site and availability of delicious treats at food stalls makes Hattiesburg Zoo an outstanding environment to marvel at Tigers in all their glory within the state of Mississippi.

Find Out More About Hattiesburg Zoo

  • 107 S 17th Ave, Hattiesburg, MS 39401, United States
  • 601-545-4576

Tupelo Buffalo Park & Zoo

Nestled in Tupelo, Mississippi, the Tupelo Buffalo Park & Zoo offers a unique adventure to its visitors, housed in its magnificent 210-acre spread.

Especially for tiger enthusiasts, this is a must-visit place in the state.

Among over 220 fascinating animals housed in this park, some of the favorites include giraffes, buffalos, and of course, the majestic tigers.

They do not only offer an observable appearance but also provide an enriching experience.

The zoo is distinctly divided into various sections, each serving to a specific escapade, including buffalo zoo, American bison outpost, and many other animal experiences and events.

Such specialty bestows a holistic experience, allowing the visitors to submerge themselves in the animal kingdom, making it the most visited zoo in the region.

While the Tupelo Buffalo Park & Zoo thrives in its offer of wildlife, it is also noteworthy to mention the convenience it brings to its visitors.

Assuming you have an average pace, it takes typically 2-3 hours to view all attractions in the zoo; this means you get plenty of time to observe the tigers and other animals without any rush.

Moreover, the environment of the zoo is family-friendly.

It caters to families with older children and toddlers with considerations of trails potentially unsuitable for wheelchairs.

And let’s not forget, kids under the age of 2 get in for free.

Adding the cherry on the top is the free parking, availability of food stalls, and permission to bring in your own food and drinks.

The zoo ensures to provide a day of total enjoyment and learning for all ages, especially for those who have a particular interest in tigers, making it one of the best in Mississippi.

Find Out More About Tupelo Buffalo Park & Zoo

  • 2272 Coley Rd, Tupelo, MS 38801, United States
  • 662-844-8709

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