The Best Zoos In Missouri, USA To See Giraffes

There's something truly captivating about watching a giraffe gracefully meander across an open field, its long neck rising majestically into the sky.

These mesmerizing long-tongued, spotted beauties have captured the hearts of many an animal lover, young and old alike.

If you, too, find yourself spellbound by the unique allure of these towering creatures, then you're in luck! In this article, we are going on a safari in the heart of the Show-Me State.

Pack your binoculars and let's embark on a journey to explore the best zoos in Missouri for up-close encounters with the world's tallest mammal — the giraffe.

The Best Zoos In Missouri, USA To See Giraffes

At A Glance

The best zoos in Missouri to see Giraffes are:

  • STL Zoo
  • Dickerson Park Zoo
  • Kansas City Zoo

1) STL Zoo

Nestled in the heart of St.

Louis, Missouri, the renowned STL Zoo is a must-visit destination for any wildlife enthusiast.

Boasting an impressive collection of over 16,000 animals, including majestic tigers, playful sea lions, capybaras, charming sloths, and towering elephants, this sprawling 90-acre fun-filled oasis offers an immersive zoological experience.

From its commitment to education and conservation to its consistent hosting of family-friendly events, STL Zoo has distinguished itself as a premier institution within the state.

Its all-accessible walkways foster an inclusive environment, making it an ideal outing for families with older children, toddlers, and even those requiring disability access.

The best part? Admission is absolutely free for everyone, although there is a $15 parking fee.

Whether you choose to enjoy the zoo’s variety of food stalls or prefer to bring your own picnic, STL Zoo will keep you enthralled for your estimated 2-3 hour visit.

Although you’ll have to resist the urge to pet the animals and can’t bring your furry friend (unless it’s a service animal), a trip to the STL Zoo promises an unforgettable experience enveloped in the beauty of nature.

Find Out More About STL Zoo

  • St Louis, MO 63110, United States
  • 314-781-0900

2) Dickerson Park Zoo

If you’re a wildlife enthusiast seeking a hands-on wildlife experience, look no further than Dickerson Park Zoo nestled in Springfield, Missouri.

It offers a unique opportunity for ‘close encounters’ with over 450 animals spread across 70 acres including crowd favorites like tigers, giraffes, elephants, and lions.

The zoo is designed to be a perfect family day out, ensuring convenience and accessibility for everyone.

From its wheelchair-friendly walkways, so important for those with disabilities, to the thrilling animal experiences, the zoo caters to all age groups, toddlers and older children alike.

Dickerson Park Zoo even extends an invitation to your four-legged family members by allowing well-behaved dogs!

One key feature that sets Dickerson Park Zoo apart is its commitment to animal conservation.

You can witness and support this critical work to protect and conserve species during your visit.

The affordable ticket prices - $17 for adults, $12 for children, and $14 for concessions - make it an accessible option for families, particularly given that children under two are welcomed free of charge.

A plethora of food stalls will cater to your culinary desires, so please note that no outside food and drink are permitted.

The zoo also provides plentiful and free parking.

However, please remember that it’s not accessible via public transport.

On average, plan to spend about 2-3 hours to see all of the attractions.

Dickerson Park Zoo’s considered facilities, diverse animal range, and conservation commitment truly make it one of the best zoos in Missouri.

Find Out More About Dickerson Park Zoo

  • 1401 W Norton Rd, Springfield, MO 65803, United States
  • 417-833-1570

3) Kansas City Zoo

Located in the heart of Missouri, Kansas City Zoo is a prominent mecca for animal enthusiasts.

Containing an impressive collection of over 1,700 animals from around the globe, it is ideal for family outings that promise unforgettable memories.

A journey through its sprawling 202 acres unfolds a fascinating world of exotic creatures, from majestic lions and tigers to elegant giraffes and playful penguins, and even elusive animals like the capybaras and sloths.

Accessibility lies at the core of its layout, with disability-friendly walkways that ensure it is convenient for all to access.

With an average visit duration of 2-3 hours, it is a perfect day trip to witness the grandeur of nature.

Aside from the enlightening exhibits, visitors can enjoy abundant amenities, including food stalls and free parking.

Notably, the Kansas City Zoo encourages guests to bring their own food and drink for personal comfort.

Currently, adult tickets are priced at $22, while both child and concessions tickets are $20 — a cost-effective adventure for families.

In addition, it offers free admission to children under two years.

While it is crucial to note that holding animals and bringing pets are not permitted, service animals are welcome.

Despite its unavailability via public transport, its enchanting wildlife encounters more than compensate for it.

So, grab your family and embark on an incredible journey at the notable Kansas City Zoo.

Find Out More About Kansas City Zoo

  • 6800 Zoo Dr, Kansas City, MO 64132, United States
  • 816-595-1234

Other Zoos To Enjoy Without Giraffes

There are so many other great zoos to enjoy in Missouri.

If you want to try another zoo that doesn’t have Giraffes, then one of these might be right for you.

Endangered Wolf Center

Nestled in Eureka, Missouri, the Endangered Wolf Center is an impressive facility that spans over 2000 acres, making it a large zoo that can provide a fulfilling experience for those interested in wildlife.

Although the zoo primarily focuses on wolves and foxes, it also serves as a haven for other animals, commonly attracting families with older children due to its wide variety of attractions.

Worth noting is that despite its aim to provide disability access, the trails at the zoo may not be suitable for wheelchairs, so it is advisable to contact the zoo for further information if necessary.

And while the center does not provide public transport access, there is ample parking space available for visitors at no additional cost.

With regard to the visitor experience, the Endangered Wolf Center engages visitors with comprehensive tours that typically span around 90 minutes, providing ample opportunity for individuals to explore and learn about the different animal species present in the zoo.

One major highlight of this center is that it serves as an excellent destination for enthusiastic Giraffe watchers.

With an average family ticket costing $66, this budget-friendly adventure allows children under the age of three to explore the wonders of the animal kingdom for free.

It’s worth noting that the zoo does not have food stalls.

However, visitors have the advantage of bringing their own food and drink, making it an ideal spot for delightful family picnics amidst the allure of nature.

Please remember that handling the animals and bringing pet dogs are strictly prohibited, although service animals are legally allowed.

Find Out More About Endangered Wolf Center

  • 6750 Tyson Valley Rd, Eureka, MO 63025, United States
  • 636-938-5900

Grant’s Farm

Grant’s Farm, nestled in the charming city of St.

Louis, Missouri, is a remarkable destination for avid giraffe lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Though it’s home to a wide variety of fascinating creatures like deer and goats, giraffe-spotting here promises to be an extraordinary experience, given the zoo’s comprehensive giraffe program and the vast 280-acre facility that these exquisite creatures inhabit.

A visit to Grant’s Farm doesn’t merely allow visitors to observe giraffes in their habitat but offers insights into their daily lives, behavior, and appealing traits.

Plus, with the advantage of free admission for adults, children, and concessions, it makes for a budget-friendly option for families, animal aficionados, and anyone with a soft spot for our long-necked friends.

This illustrious attraction isn’t just renowned for its giraffes; it’s also recognized for its commitment to inclusivity.

Grant’s Farm stands out for being disability-friendly, with walkways that accommodate wheelchairs, allowing everyone the opportunity to enjoy the animals in all their glory.

The environment is welcoming for all age groups, but families with older children and toddlers will especially appreciate the diverse attractions and amenities that make for a fun, educational outing.

Though the zoo isn’t accessible by public transport, ample parking is available, albeit at an additional cost.

The presence of food stalls adds to the convenience.

However, do remember to keep your furry canines at home unless they’re service animals.

So whether it’s watching a giraffe amble gracefully across the plains or simply soaking in the vibrant energy of the animal kingdom, Grant’s Farm is a must-visit destination in Missouri.

Find Out More About Grant’s Farm

  • 7385 Grant Rd, St Louis, MO 63123, United States
  • 314-843-1700

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