The Best Zoos In Montana, USA To See Capybaras

Are you a resident of Montana or planning a trip there soon? Are you a wildlife enthusiast who would love to catch a glimpse of the world's biggest rodent, the Capybara in its most naturalistic habitat? Well, you're in luck! Montana, known for its abundant wildlife, also happens to host some of the best zoos that house these adorable South American mammals.

Journey with us as we explore the top zoos in Montana, offering you the opportunity to marvel at Capybaras, learn about their interesting quirks, habits, and habitat, and even interact with them on a close and personal level.

So strap yourself in, and get ready for a whimsical expedition into the world of Capybaras, right here in Big Sky Country!

The Best Zoos In Montana, USA To See Capybaras

At A Glance

If you are a Capybara enthusiast planning a visit to Montana with high hopes of catching a glimpse of these oversized, charismatic rodents, we’d hate to let you down— but the harsh reality is that you’re unlikely to see any in the zoos here.

As shocking as this might be considering the Capybara’s soaring popularity in zoos and wildlife parks across the globe, not a single zoo in Montana houses these fascinating creatures.

Regardless of the respective zoo’s size or scope of species, the Capybara - a native species to South America - is simply off the menu.

The primary reason for this peculiar absence is none other than Montana’s harsh climate, which is considerably different from the Capybara’s native tropical environments.

The biggest rodent in the world, Capybaras thrive in regions near bodies of water and need warm-weather conditions to survive, something Montana’s freezing winters cannot provide.

Our most beloved Montana zoos emphasize creating environments that are conducive to and mimic the natural habitats of their animals, and as much as they’d love to accommodate these semi-aquatic creatures, Montana’s cold and dry climate poses a significant hurdle.

With severe cold spells and snowy winters, it is simply unfit for the heat-loving Capybaras, hence their unavoidable absence.

Other Zoos To Enjoy Without Capybaras

There are so many other great zoos to enjoy in Montana.

If you want to try another zoo that doesn’t have Capybaras, then one of these might be right for you.


If you’re searching for a unique Capybara experience, ZooMontana in Billings ought to be on your must-visit list.

Not only is the zoo a fantastic family-friendly destination, but it also has an impressive array of over 100 animals, including tigers, sloths, bears, and, most importantly, the world’s largest rodent, the Capybara.

Visitors gain a distinct opportunity to see these semi-aquatic creatures up close in all their glory, which is an unmatched treat for rodent enthusiasts.

The accessibility of ZooMontana is another notable factor; walkways throughout the zoo have been designed with disability access in mind, making it easy for everyone in the family to enjoy the animals.

ZooMontana isn’t just about showcasing animals, though; it’s also heavily focused on education and conservation.

During your visit, you’ll not only be able to see Capybaras but also learn all about their behavior, habitat, and conservation status.

This truly immersive learning experience makes ZooMontana a premier spot in Montana for admirers of Capybaras.

Covering 70 acres and taking an average of 2-3 hours to explore, ZooMontana offers a well-rounded and fun-filled family outing at affordable prices.

Moreover, the zoo allows the convenience of bringing your own food and drink, which can help to make your visit even more enjoyable and cost-efficient.

So, if you’re in Montana and eager to see the captivating Capybaras, do not miss out on the offer this fantastic zoo provides.

Find Out More About ZooMontana

  • 2100 Shiloh Rd, Billings, MT 59106, United States
  • 406-652-8100

Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center

Located in the picturesque setting of West Yellowstone, the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center stands out as a must-visit destination in Montana for Capybara enthusiasts.

The Center is renowned for its focus on large animals and its commitment to wildlife rescue and conservation, which extend to encompass these whimsical, semi-aquatic mammals too.

Spread over a vast area of 14 acres, you can have a delightful time exploring the diverse exhibits.

It typically takes around 1.5 hours to take in all the incredible sights, which makes it a perfect day-out option for families, particularly those with older children.

The Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center is not just a visual treat but it’s an experience designed keeping in mind the comfort of all its visitors, be it the adults or the children.

The center is commendable for its commendable disability access with walkways that are suitable for wheelchairs.

The admission prices are reasonable considering the grand experience it offers: adults for $16.5, children for $11.5, and concessional ticket holders for $15.5.

Additionally, it’s a wallet-friendly outing for a family of four with a total expenditure not exceeding $56.

Although public transport options to reach the Center are limited, it makes up for it with ample and free parking space for your convenience.

While on-site food stalls might be missing, visitors are permitted to bring their own food and drinks, paving way for a perfect picnic amidst the wonders of wildlife.

However, remember to leave your pet dogs at home, unless it’s a certified service animal.

Enjoy the rustic allure of Montana while observing the endearing capybaras at the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center for a memorable outing!

Find Out More About Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center

  • 201 S Canyon St, West Yellowstone, MT 59758, United States
  • 800-257-2570

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